Caron Izumi

Caron is the sister of Ken Izumi. She is 7 years old and should be attending the same school Ken does, but is never seen in class. She acts cutesy and likes to sing and dance and despite being young, already is concerned about her figure, She is often seen wearing a red sleeved dress, white boots, a cyan necklace, and a white cone-shaped collar (accidentally red in episode 12) around her neck. she has long blonde hair in a ponytail and a hot pink bow. (red in some animation cels), She does not possess any powers of her own, but as family of Ken, often becomes a target for the Jurals as a hostage.

This most notable of these instances is episode 45. Caron becomes possessed by a Jural posing as her piano teacher. The melody lets the Jural control her at will, taking a large kitchen knife and begins to brandish it wildly. While possessed she almost kills Ken in his sleep by stabbing him, but thankfully mom slaps sense into her once again so she regains consciousness.

Caron once again becomes a victim in episode 21. A mysterious doll shows up to the Izumi residence as a gift to Caron, She names the doll "Jane" and quickly grows attached, the doll actually works for the Jurals and is evil and injects some type of serum into Caron at night, possessed again, Caron leads her mother into the woods so that the Jurals can kill off some of the Izumi family.