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This wiki is intended to archive the 1974 Knack anime series "Chargeman Ken!" (チャージマン研!) and the popularity surrounding it. Chargeman Ken! is relatively unknown in the west but has a cult following in Japan. It's an example of "So-bad-it's-good" anime. The original production company Knack had a very low budget during the time of production so the anime suffered from stiff animation, poor sound design and an awfully short 5 minute run time. Knack (now ICHI corp.) released DVD's of the show in 2007. These in turn got uploaded to Nico Nico Douga (Japanese YouTube) and became popular to use in MAD's (think YTPMV). Often crossed over with Touhou and other Japanese games and anime, the series became one of the most popular sources to use in parodies that year and continues to be used even today.

The show is about a ten year old student who lives in the year 207X. The Earth is suddenly invaded by aliens known as Jural Seijin. They seek to dominate the planet and take it's natural resources. Ken transforms into his hero form "Chargeman Ken" using the power of light. Armed with a ray gun he fights the Jurals and defends Japan from invansion. When not fighting Aliens, Ken lives at home with his parents, younger sister Caron and a pet robot named "Barican".

Facts and Speculation

This wiki will not only contain facts about the show, but also touch on the interpretation of the characters. I do not claim to know Japanese very well so some interpretations may be a little off.

Latest activity

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