Bad Boy

The Delinquent is a member of the Jurals that shows up in Episode 49. He is a boy with spiky black hair and green jumpsuit. He is introduced as a bully who trashed Ken's friends. Ken's classmates ask to help them teach the bully a lesson.

The Delinquent never gives a name but introduces himself by laughing and jumping a motorcycle off a building. He proceeds to punch and hit Ken violently , despite Ken pleading for peace. In order to settle things, the Delinquent proposes they have a motorbike race to determine the winner.

During the race, the Delinquent crashes and seems to have lost. But before he is defeated he reveals he was actually a Jural the entire time! Ken dispatches the Jural and the threat is no more.

Video Source Edit

Chargeman Ken! Episode 49- The Juvenile Delinquent's True Form is..05:22

Chargeman Ken! Episode 49- The Juvenile Delinquent's True Form is...! (English Subtitles)

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