General Maou or Maou-sama is the leader and figurehead of the Jural seijin. He is a tall humanoid alien with light purple skin, a long sharp nose and a red eye in the middle of his forehead. Strangely, he also possesses two normal eyes, a trait which no other mural shares. He has what look like an octopus' suckers for fingers. Despite his comical appearance, he is driven to conquer earth for its previous resources. He is relentless and a cruel leader. He does not tolerate failure from his subordinates and does not seem to hold them in high regard. Despite this, the murals are fanatical about serving him.

Maou is behind most of the schemes in the series, some of which seem utterly ridiculous and futile. However, in episode 10, Maou actually teams up with Ken to prevent a giant meteor from destroying the earth. If the earth destroyed, Maou would have nothing to conquer.

In the final episode 65. Maou launches an all out attack on the humans. His race and his own secret flying base are destroyed in one last final conflict. Maou is seen screaming before being blown to smithereens.