Hitomi is a female student around the same age as Ken who meets him after school in Episode 10. She has purple hair that ends in curls and strange witch-like hat on her head. After hearing of Ken's heroics she kindly asks Ken is he would like to accompany her for the afternoon. Teasing the young boy, she runs off with a lovestruck Ken following closely behind.

After losing sight of her, He becomes trapped in a glass force field. When she laughs, Ken hears a deep male voice. Hitomi removes her disguise and it turns out it was Maou masquerading as a young girl to lure Ken away from safety and capture him. With Ken captured, the Jurals easily kidnap Caron as well with no one to defend her. It turns out, Ken's parents were already pre-captured before the episode started as well. So this is the episode where Maous comes closest to victory.


He sets up a guillotine to decapitate the Izumi family one by one, but the plan is foiled by Barican, who the Jurals disregarded. Barican messes with various buttons and switches until their UFO goes haywire and explodes. Maou never again attempts to disguise as a young girl after this episode.

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