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Hoshi or Hoshi-Kun is a Jural disguised as a handsome transfer student in episode 4 "Mysterious Handsome Boy". Hoshi wears a blue sweater with a pink dress shirt underneath and brown khakis. Hoshi is first seen on a rival American football team to Ken. Barican and Caron are present and while Barican cheers for Ken, Caron is fully supportive of Hoshi. Hoshi runs quickly, leaps incredibly high and scores 18 Points in the entire game while keeping Ken's team from scoring once. During the game Hoshi makes strange noises which have become memetic. When jumping he screams "Eee!" and when pushing away Ken's teammate he shouts "Wei!"

Hoshi later approaches Ken asking him to come with him. He drives Ken on his motorcycle to a secluded construction site, Hoshi asks Ken to show him his "charging go" or transformation. Ken explains it's not something he can show him. Hoshi finally reveals his true intentions and transforms into a Jural. This is the first time in the series that we see that Jurals can disguise as human beings. A short fight ensues as Ken zaps Hoshi and erases him completely. Ken explains that Hoshi "transferred schools again" and Caron cries as she never got to meet him.

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Chargeman Ken! Ep4 "Mysterious Handsome Boy" English Subs

Chargeman Ken! Ep4 "Mysterious Handsome Boy" English Subs