Jural Seijin

The Jural are a race of alien invaders who have come to Earth to steal its precious natural resources. Their technology is developed far beyond Earth's current level. The main type of Jural seen is the purple kind with tentacles for limbs. They are tall alien like creatures with one green cyclopian eye and a strange primary colored emblem on their chest. These Jural soldier's serve as the series' mooks and are the most common foe that Ken will fight.

Each Jural possesses the unique ability to disguise their entire body as another human being. They can copy their details and even change in height. When in an untransformed state, they can fire lasers from their eyes which erases living matter it touches. Sometimes this beam can emit from the emblem located on their chest. The Jurals go to great lengths to ensure victory of their plans. This led to one disguising as human woman and marrying to get closer to a naval officer who had knowledge of secret naval information in episode 53.

Jurals are not completely without emotion though. In episode 8, a Jural designated as X-6 was to disguise as a woman and get close to Ken to assassinate him. However, she grew feelings for Ken after he saved her life from a falling tree. Unfortunately, the other Jural Seijin do not tolerate failure and erased her shortly after they located her. Ken mourned her loss.

Jural Seijin are very supportive and vocal of their leader, General Maou.