K-11 is a Jural disguised as Chargeman Ken himself that shows up in episode 44. K-11's plan involve impersonating Ken in order to get rid of those close to him. He uses an eye flash to subdue Ken's teacher and captures her. The real Ken and Ms. Nagisa are thrown into an underground prison while K-11 Enacts the rest of his plan. Getting rid of the Izumi's.

The Izumi's are having lunch when K-11 Takes a sip of Tomato Juice. He is immediately beaten with baseball bats by Caron and Barican. Papa threatens him with a flame weapon. They reveal that they knew he was fake because the real Ken can't stand tomato juice. Barican also holds up a mirror which shows that K-11 has no reflection. He is implied to be melted off screen by Papa and the rest of the Izumi's

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