Chargeman Ken

Ken Izumi is the main protagonist of the series "Chargeman Ken!" Which appears in every single episode, With them not appearing in episodes 5, 18, 28, 32, 33, 34, and 48. He is a young boy that lives with his family: mother, father, his sister Caron and robot companion named Barican. He usually wears yellow clothes consisting of a sleeve shirt with a K in the centre written In black with white lining around it, and pants, with dark brown boots and a red bandanna around his neck, he has messy dark brown hair (black in some animation cels) with three flicks of it flowing to either side at the back, and his eyelashes are stretched outside of his eyelids, resembling catlike eyes, in which are light blue (black or grey in some animation cels). In his normal day to day activities, he goes to school and is very interested in the advanced technology of the era. When danger strikes, he has the ability to change into Chargeman Ken, a hero who protects innocents from an alien threat known as the Jurals.

Ken is mostly a model hero, but due to the extremely short episode time, episodes are often resolved in ways that leave ken with poor decision making. In episode 35 "Dynamite in the Brain" Ken is attempting to save Dr. Volga. Since a bomb has been planted in his brain, Ken realizes the best way to end the episode is to drop the living Dr. Volga bomb onto the pursuing Jurals, blowing them up. Ken is then seen mourning the late Dr. Volga, despite just having dropped him out of his own ship.

Ken's Powers Edit

Ken Izumi posses a number of abilities to help combat the alien Jurals.

By striking a pose and shouting "CHARGING GO!" He gains a helmet with a resistant visor, jet shoes, and a ray gun known as the Alpha gun. Supposedly his powers come from light and can only transform when there is light in abundance nearby. Ken also is able to call forth the Sky Rod, which is a flying UFO type of ship that can carry him wherever he needs to go, even in space or underwater.

Ken also has the Bidium belt around his waist. It can be powered up to create a powerful typhoon than can confuse and blow away enemies similar to Kamen Rider Ichigo's belt.