Miyuki is a young girl that Ken meets when he accidentally almost runs her over with a bicycle in Episode 20. He helps her pick up the apples that she dropped and Ken becomes immediately infatuated with her gorgeous looks. He offers to bring her home. Miyuki becomes Ken's girlfriend.

Ken brings Miyuki to his house to introduce her to his parents and sister (but forgets to introduce Barican which makes him jealous). The date is interrupted by Barican who begins to play the Harmonica extremely badly. Little did they know, that playing the harmonica badly was Miyuki's weakness and her disguise fades away revealing she was a Jural the entire time.

While running away to safety Miyuki is shot in the back by transformed Ken and mercilessly killed despite them going out not 5 minutes ago. Such is love...such is life...

Video Source Edit

Chargeman Ken! Episode 20- I Got a Girlfriend (English Subtitles)05:21

Chargeman Ken! Episode 20- I Got a Girlfriend (English Subtitles)

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