Dr. Volga is a professor hailing from West Germany that designed the futuristic city being built on Tokyo bay waters. During a visit to the theatre, Ken bumps into the professor getting a snack. They are interrupted by a group of Jurals disguised as gangsters. After being taken away, there is a brief scuffle where Volga is shot with some type of weapon. Ken sees the incident from afar but doesn't think much of it.

Later it is announced that Professor Volga is arranged to meet. Professor Yoshizaka and several other leaders of various nations for a reception at the space station hall later that day. Ken decides to crash the meeting to warn everyone that the Professor Volga they are speaking with, is in fact, a fake! Volga who has no memory of the incident tells Ken to go home.


Ken uses super hearing to determine there has been a time bomb planted in his skull. Ken transforms, picks up the Professor and takes him to his Sky Rod to escape the pursuing Jurals. As the clock ticks to the time of detonation (and the end of the episode is fast approaching) Ken decides he only has one option left. eject Volga from the Sky Rod and use him to blow up the pursuing Jurals. Ken cries out a line which is now famous "Professor Volga! Please forgive me!" before launching him out of the spaceship like a human bomb

Fate Edit

Ken reflects on Professor Volga's achievement of the industrial city. "Poor Professor Volga..." he mutters, despite being the one to cruelly throw him away in the first place...

Source Edit

Chargeman Ken! 35 "Dynamite in the Brain"

Chargeman Ken! 35 "Dynamite in the Brain"