Speed Baroness (the fan nick-name of an Unamed Jural from Episode 40: “Dash! Highway Murderer!”) Is a Jural in disguise of a young woman with short blonde hair, Bright pink translucent sunglasses and wears bright red lip stick. This Jural loves to drive fast in a pink futuristic automobile designed for combat. The vehicle it drives has a battering ram/drill on the front and uses it to try to ram Ken off the road when he and Caron and Barican try to go out for a sunday drive. She even tries to blow up Ken's car using a laser beam emitted from her pink hot rod.

Ken is able to determine that she is a Jural, due to the fact that she does not appear in the rear view mirror. Eventually, Ken transforms and with the help of the SkyRod, defeats her along with an army of Jurals in hover cars that appear from nowhere as back up.

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