Jural X-6

X-6 is the code name of the Jural alien in Episode 8. She is initially disguised as a mature woman with short purple hair. She tries to ambush Ken while he is drawing in the forest by cutting down a nearby tree with her powerful laser eye beam. The plan backfires however, as the tree leans towards her. Flustered, she trips and almost becomes a victim of her own foul play. Ken, not knowing that this is the woman that attempted to kill him, ends up rescuing her, at the cost of the tree pinning his legs down hard.

While Ken falls unconscious, X-6 has the chance to seal the deal. She even breaks out her knife but is visibly distraught with the idea of killing an innocent child. She hesitates too long and loses her chance to murder the boy. Later, she is seen being whipped in at the foot of the leader Maou for letting the chance escape.

Ken is admitted to the hospital. While he recuperates, X-6 Disguises as a nurse and sneaks into his room. She finally manages to get close enough and has the knife drawn with which to snuff out the Chargeman. After hesitating again, she drops the knife and falls to her knees. Her conscious weighs too heavily on her mind. She abandons the idea of killing Ken and tries to escape, but is done in by her own Jural comrades for her betrayal. Ken leaves flowers in the forest they first met as a sign of respect.

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