Yuichi is a young male student who appears in Episode 25 "Rescue little Yuichi!", possibly attending school with Ken Izumi. He wears a white jacket, green shirt and yellow pants and has short brown hair. He is a troubled youth who takes pleasure in burning random peoples houses down with matches. It is revealed that he enjoys doing this because of a troubled home life. His mother and father are shown to get into intense altercations with physical and verbal violence. His mother and father both want each other out of their lives and even turn the blame onto their son, Yuichi. All Yuichi can do is cry...and commit arson.

Very quickly after burning the houses down, he runs into two men. They have a rough appearance like they could be gangsters but were not really too sure. One is stout with a white suit and yellow shirt/ruffle and thick sunglasses, the other is a tall thin man with white hair, blue suit and pink shirt underneath. They both have a Kansai regional accent and use very rough particles of speech like -ZE!.


K.M.I.Y. Duo

They never reveal their name but in Japan they are called K.M.I.Y. which stands for (Korekara Mainichi Iewo Yakou~ZE) "From today on, let's burn down houses!". A famous line for which they are known. They pressure Yuichi into burning more houses or they will notify the cops. Which Yuichi had no problem burning houses down until he got caught but now that he's being forced to do it he feels stressed. Right as he is having a nervous fit, Ken comes out of nowhere with both sister and Barican around and comes up with a plan on the spot to help him.

The next night, K.M.I.Y. meet with Yuichi to burn down a house, The blue suited man raises a future gun to shoot the house with blue flames but literally nothing happens after he fires twice. Laughter is heard, the kind of laughter that comes from a smug little ten year old that's about to lay the smackdown on some Jurals. It was actually Ken disguised as yuichi, wearing his white jacket the entire time. Ken transforms and gets the upperhand in battle and quickly dispatches the attacking Jurals.

Quick to Resolve Edit

The cops do not press charges against Yuichi, he is returned home where his parents are grateful to Ken, they seem like completely different people and have stopped fighting and everything is resolved for some reason with no explanation as to how.

Source Edit

Chargeman Ken! Episode 25- Rescue Little Yuuichi! (English Subtitles)

Chargeman Ken! Episode 25- Rescue Little Yuuichi! (English Subtitles)